Perfume adventure with self made perfume

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A week ago I made a Chypre perfume. Well, actually it was a combination of two different formulae. I had a basic formula from a perfumery study book that was a bit too simple and too woody-mossy. Another formula I’ve got from a short perfumery course. It was too flowery to wear myself and I missed some distinct base note. So, I have combined two formulae and made something I would like to wear myself.

Well – I used Oakmoss absolute, Patchouli, Sandalwood and Vetiver essential oils for the base note. Jasmin and Rose bases (bases are ready to use accords) for the hart note. I did enriched the bases with essential oils and absolute of Rose and Jasmin. For the top note – obligatory for Chypre Bergamot with some Fruit and Aldehyde bases. I put some other ingredients as well. Well – I did like this a bit woody and mossy green perfume with some sweetness of flowers and green opening. It has something Oriental-spicy in it, but remains Chypre due to distinctive Oakmoss scent.

I did like what it becomes. And even it was just an exercise and not entirely my own creation I wanted a feedback. A friend of mine said this perfume reminded her of a Dior vintage perfume. It brought me to an idea…

I went to a couple of perfume stores and pretended as if I got an unknown perfume that I wanted to find out what it was. Well – the reactions was surprising.

The lady in the niche-perfumestore said that it was a very familiar fragrance she couldn’t determine. She suggested four alternatives that she was thinking of, but was sure it was not any of them. For a moment she thought it was Irisia from Creed.

The lady at another store told me it was an Aromatic Elixer from Clinique. But after smelling both she had some doubts and finally said, that it was definitely Youth Dew Amber Nude.

Well – I was very glad, that something I made, even as an exercise was mistaken for an existing perfume. There are still years for me to learn more and to gain more experience. This little adventure gives me inspiration and self-confidence to go further with perfumery.

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