Envy. Gucci. Must wear green for St. Patrick's day

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Yesterday it was a St. Patrick’s Day. A national Irish holiday, that is not so famous in Netherlands. You have to wear something green – something like Envy of Gucci.

Envy opens with a note that reminds me of fir needles. There is no fir mentioned in the fragrance pyramide. So, it may be just a personal association due to woody character and may be a little bit balsamic note of pepper? The fir phantom disappears quickly to make place for fresh citrus and rosewood sweetened by Vanilla, that is present on all levels – top, heart and base. Than I smell a (again sweetened with Vanilla) flowers and some spice (Rose, Jasmin and Carnation) and a soft woody note (Sandalwood, Vetiver, Patchouli). The end is sweet woody. Spicy notes of Carnation, Pepper and Coriander give this perfume an Oriental character.

Reading the comments for Brit of Burberry I did notice that it was compared to Envy. Well, I can understand that – both are woody-oriental with fresh citrus in the top, flowers and spice in the heart and woody base. Vanilla makes Envy sweeter. Brit is drier and more reserved.

My association with Envy is not an envy man, who turns green, but a very green forest. A forest after rain, that is too sweet to be real. May be a fairy tale forest where you can even meet a gnome?

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