L’air du désert marocain. Andy Tauer.

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Today I’ve got a package from Switzerland with perfume testers of Andy Tauer. The hand written letter was a nice finishing touch making it personal.

L’air du désert marocain opens with a kind of canon shoot of wood, incense and spices with some citrus in it. It feels heavy first, but stills down very soon. And then you discover…

A smell of wood at the end of a sunny day, what you can smell in a wooden house somewhere far away from see, where it’s always dry and hot. It can be a place where spices are stored or sold. But it can also be a temple where the incense is burning. You will never know and that is the mystery within this perfume. You can ask, but the only sound you can hear as an answer is a weeping of a hot wind…

It’s a nice reproduction of with a sun warmed wood and dry spices. The fragrance is surely oriental and gives an exotic touch to a man or a woman who wears it.
This fragrance makes me thinking of Ambre Sultan and a little bit of Cédre of Serge Lutens, but it’s drier and less sweet than Cédre and it's closer to s sking than Ambre Sultan.

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