Cabochard. Gres.

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It’s a classic perfume and is must to be known by anyone who is interested in perfumery. Although this feminine perfume may become too old fashioned and heavy to wear by a modern woman.

I’ve got it through the perfume swap as EDT and EDP en could really enjoy its charm.

Just from the beginning it’s a heavy and dark scent. It remains close to the skin (especially EDP). It opens with citrus mossy green note, which is very characteristic for Chypre. But even in begin you can feel the low vibrations of the base notes. A veil of Vetyver, Patcouly. Leather and Amber next to Oakmoss smells dark, heavy, leather-like and even animalistic at the background. Up there you can smell a heart note made of dry metallic rose warmed by a jasmin, carnation and iris (methyl ionone actually). There is a playfull alternation between the green leather-like animalistic base and a hart note, which either smells like a metallic rose or comes with its warm and a bit spicy jasmin-orris-carnation combination. It’s multidimensional.

Smelling Cabochard means descending to an old basement of a Gothic castle. It’s dark there, but the torches give enough light and it’s not cold. You go downstairs to touch something that is taboo. Something living in the darkness, that is not allowed to be spoken about or shown in daylight. No, it’s not evil or scary, but it is very tempting. What is it? What are you going to touch in your basement?

Cabochard would be also suitable for man to wear. I shall try it on anyway. Not at work or business meeting. It remains close to the skin a gives a veil of enigma and mystery for the one who wears it. It’s a bit old fashioned, but classic, noticeable, sturdy and powerful and surely charming.

In EDP there is more alternation between the notes than in EDT. The last one likes more to be green bitter and medicinal although both of them have the same notes.

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