Incense rosé. Andy Tauer.

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If L'air du désert marocain was a hot breath of the Simoom in a desert, than Incense rosé is a fresh swallow of oasis in the same desert.

The freshness in this perfume comes from Bergamot, Clementine and Cardamom with some Rose. So, don’t expect a sip of crystal water on the grass in a green forest. No, you’d rather be served wine and sherbet on the sand under a balsamic tree.

The rose of Incense rosé is not a fresh flower, but a jelly rose candy from Turkish delight. Reminded me of recipe when you take some fresh roses and drench them with the mix of gelatine and sugar. I would add some alcohol too after smelling the Incense rosé. Dried, powdered with fine crystal sugar and sprinkled with some gelatine-sugar mix it becomes a rose candy. I just see this perfume surrounded by those jelly rose candies.

The heart of this perfume exaggerates and opiates with its Oriental charm. But as an oasis in a desert still can be a mirage so is the heart of this perfume loses its exaggerating power and leaves you with a dry out of wood and resins.

I do like the woody base in Tauer’s perfumes. As in L'air du désert marocain you smell here a real peace of smoked balsamic wood used to build the decorations. In Incense rosé it’s less dry and hot than in L'air du désert marocain.

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