Incense extrême. Andy Tauer.

Nederlands: http://aromax-nicheparfum.blogspot.com/search/label/incense%20extreme

Again I have the same feeling while opening a Tauer perfume – the scent shoots like a firework at first. But very soon it finds a balance on the skin and settles around a core. And the core is Incense. The whole perfume is build around it. Tauer himself says he made an abstract minimalist and cubist interpretation of incense. Well, it’s like you separate all notes of incense fragrance and exaggerate each part before you put them together again. You smell the woody, balsam, spicy and citrus notes of incense each separately and all together. It may have an abstract character, but it is certainly a balanced perfume. Not for everyone – it’s exotic and a bit obtrusive. But is good for someone who is trying to find the edges between the classic and extravagant. This combination of citrus freshness and balsam wood will certainly be noticed. But it’s touching this incense is like stroking a cubus – it can appear smooth, but has its sharp edges and corners.

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