Fougere - the perfumer’s fairy tale

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The name fougère comes from French “fougère” that means “fern”. It’s obviously that there are no doubts about the content of the main compound any fougère – it’s the mythic and rare fern flower responsible for the unique scent of the fougère perfume. Unfortunately it’s not so easy to obtain that flower that is known to blossom just once a year on John the Baptist day on June 24. The flower is opening just for several minutes at the midnight to make seeds. Understanding that it’s very clear that nature took the greatiest care to protect the flower from all threats including the perfumers hunting for it.

First of all the flower is very poisons. Its slightly sweet and silky herbal scent besots anyone who comes an arm length close to the fern. It’s not very seldom that someone has found a dead person lying with his face down in the fern. If you dare to look into the face you’d see bliss in his eyes. The only safe fern is grown under the oaks among the oak moss as the power of the noble oak can neutralise the dead stupefying charm of the fern flower.

The fern flower is also magically protected. The one who can resist the intoxicating power of fern is exposed to the strong temptation of the light coming from the fern flower. The light is so powerful that it makes all the treasure to glow – doesn’t matter how far or how deep it’s hidden in the ground. There are many perfumers who have chosen to become wealthy and abandoned their dream to make a fougère perfume forever. The light of the fern flower kindles the greediness in someone’s heart. Only the most devoted to the perfumer’s art have gained their goal. They new that a pinch of lavender blossoms thrown to the fern tames the light of its flower.

The one who could come to the flower closely has to deal with another threat. The culled flower shorn of its possibility to make seeds begins to bleed with fury that can burn any material. And save the one who wants to cull the flower with his bare hands. Only Tonka beans can deceive the fern flower as they has the similar entities. Fern accepts the Tonka bean as its own seed and let the flower to be taken.

Think three times everyone who dares to get the fern flower. First find the fern under the oak surrounded with the oak moss. Don’t forget to take some lavender and Tonka beans. Because in case you can’t get the fern flower you still can make a fougère from those three ingredients.

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Ik laat een woordt acther, Max, maar ik moet het doen in engels:

I love your fern fairy tale! And the photography. I also went to aromax.nl and see that you are building a site. Wonderful! Thanks for putting a link to my fragrances!

Liefs, Michael Storer

AromaX zei

Thanks for coming by and nice compliment, Mike. It's cute to see you speaking Dutch. Lovely. I am pleased.

Aromax.nl - still don't know what form it will get and what content to fill it with. May be after a year of blogging and perfumery I'll have enough to put on the website.