Tropical white flower, Gardenia as a gift and visualisation

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I do like a smell of tropical white flowers – Tuberose, Gardenia, Jasmine, Cananga (Ylang). It’s always heady, sweet, creamy, sultry and intoxicating. They also have a slightly “dirty” carnal component mostly avoided, but sometimes even supported (Carnal Flower, Tubereuse Criminelle) in perfumery. So, I decided to collect those flowers and give them a try in a cool rainy Dutch climate.

The Jasmine I bought in the gardener’s shop has almost died, but saved and I hope it’s not damaged that far that it decide not to give flowers anymore. The Tuberose bolls I bought at the Flower Market on the last days of the season is showing its first leaves above the ground. The Gardenia you see on the picture is a special gift from a friend of my (the one who wears Knowing I like to smeel from her, remember?). It was a Saturday a couple of weeks ago when we had our final exam on visualisation. We all got through with success and got a delphinium flower from our docent. Later we went to the gardener’s shop and I was just charmed by the nice Gardenia flower and its smell. It wasn’t unnoticed and I’ve got it as a gift for my success at the exam. Thank you, Marian.

The visualisation is a therapeutic technique that helps to understand the messages from subconscious level which are blocked by our mind. Once understood and accepted those “messages” has a healing power. Visualisation is a nice technique to use when you like to understand and find an essence of a symptom, a pattern, a conflict, emotion, to gain an insight. Practically it’s similar to a daydreaming or fantasy in a state of trance. Remarkable to notice that the Gardenia brought me in a state of trance (charmed ;-) and the same Gardenia I’ve got as a gift for my visualisation exam where the trance is a key…

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