Herbal magic: Spirit of Jasmine

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Image: AromaX

Stars shining in the darkness and the Moon are not the only companions of the night. Star-formed white blossoms of Jasmine begin to spread their sweet charming and stupefying fragrance when the dusk comes. It’s not surprising why these mysterious plant is considered to be connected with Moon – the planet of subconscious, fears, illusions, feelings, drifts, fantasies and dreams. It’s also related to Water element – the domain of feelings and emotions.

Jasmine works on our mood, feelings and emotions. It neither suppresses them nor makes them clear, but brings us in state of euphoria and increases sensuality. Not for nothing its smell can be referred as “narcotic”. It’s a perfect remedy by emotional pains, losses and depressions. It’s also a wide used herb in love spells – just don’t forget – the power of jasmine is not in attracting love. Instead it increases sensuality and warms you and your beloved one up.

Some practical tips to use the magic power of jasmine:

- use it for sensual perfume (a floriental would be a nice choice);
- use it in a nightcream for dry, easy irritated skin that gets red easily (jasmine perfectly calms such “neurotic” skin);
- smell some jasmine absolute, fresh blossoms or natural jasmine perfume to soften the emotional pain or when feel depressed, pessimistic, scared;
- use a jasmine scented massage oil as part of the foreplay;
- smelled before going to bed it would bring you sweet dreams and even may be a prophetic dream if you ask for it;
- smelled before and during the meditation it increases the intuition.

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