Rive Gauche pour homme by YSL

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Rive Gauche pour homme by YSL – a tough man's perfume.

Well – I’ve noticed a couple of excited comments about this fragrance on basenotes and it was enough to make me curious. Not really a “wow” feeling for me, but still a good aromatic fougère. Later I’ve got a chance to buy it for a half of price and I couldn’t resist the temptation. It’s also nice to have a bitter herbal scent next to my mostly sweet opiating Serge Lutens fragrances.

What is Rive Gauche? A green opening of fresh citrusy bergamot. Later bitter herbal heart of lavender, geranium, spices and herbs. All supported by Vetiver – Patchouli combination finishing the typical picture of a fougère. Vetiver and Patchouli combination gives often a kind of dark leather note – neither a smoky one, nor soft suede, but a bitter sharp army boot. A combination of vetiver, geranium, lavender and herbs gives a kind of soapy note (also sensed as barbershop effect) – is also very common in fougères. Like Paco Rabanne pour homme – it has a very clean soapy note to my nose.

It becomes softer later – the bitter leathery note settles down revealing some sweetness and spiciness of clove and star anise. I can’t recognize yet what’s in vanillic background of this sweetness, but it’s probably coumarine from tonka beans.

On my skin the leathery bitterness is less prominent, but not absent at all. It makes more place for warm spicy and even creamy sweetness from the beginning.

It’s long lasting classic elegant scent. The herbal lavender scents are often associated with something velvety, nostalgic and reliable to me. This one may be not velvety, but definitely classic and reliable.

What kind of man is Rive Gauche? Well – he is a good mannered elegant man, wearing a suit at work. You can trust him, you can rely on him. He has definitely his macho side – you can see it. But he can keep it under control without suppressing it. Yes, he is – composed. Rive Gauche completes his image, but what’s about his personality? Well – in a weekend, when his suit stays in a closet he can be very different from shown above. But in a weekend he wears another fragrance ;-)

Rive Gauche pour homme is very close to Azzaro pour homme. The same aromatic fougère, same herbal spicy lavender. But basil of Azzaro is very unique making this fragrance very distinguished.

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