Red Poppy and the Queen Akbar

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Recently I’ve been to the garden centre to buy some new flowers for my balcony. And they had a poppy – a nice red bunch of fire on a hairy stalk. A simple, but very attractive flower. I couldn’t resist its charm.

The perfume I am wearing today is a Queen Akbar. Please, don’t grasp for the Turin&Sanchez guide to find it there. It's a perfume I made following the formula and using fleuressencesb (ready to use perfume bases) from the ABC-kit of the perfumersworld (http://www.perfumersworld.com/).

Top notes:
fresh citrus

Middle notes: jasmine with a touch of orchid and spice

Base notes: wood, amber, vanilla

A nice blend reminding me of Opium pour homme by YSL. Mostly based on heavy dark jasmine with spice notes just breaking through. Amber is a combination of Benzoin based balsam and vanilla. Dry out – vanilla. It’s a heavy, oriental, spicy, sweet fragrance.

There is a green note in this perfume that seems to “be looking for its place” on the skin making the scent a bit soapy for a while, but disappearing later. May need some more maturation – it’s only a week ago I’ve made an alcohol dilution.

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