Who could be the face of the Tauer Perfumes?

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In his blog Andy Tauer was asking himself how perfumery brands could allow themselves to make expensive commercials and invite the celebrities to be the faces of their fragrances and at the same time to sell their products for about $50 per bottle. Well – I don’t feel like analysing the perfumery brands financial plans (although there is much to say and to think about). But I was asking myself – who could become a face of Tauer perfumes? Without thinking a lot about it I was just browsing through the google image gallery and let my intuition to pick up some faces.

Here is a list I come up with:

Le Maroc pour Elle - Aishwarya Rai (http://hot-celebrity-wallpaper.blogspot.com/2008/08/aishwarya-rai-sexy-bollywood-actress.html )

L'Air du Désert Marocain - Sting (http://www.babble.com/CS/blogs/famecrawler/2007/12/23-End%20of%20Month/Sting-jackman-kidman.jpg )

Lonestar Memories – a nice duo from the Brokeback Mountain - Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger. Unfortunately Heath is not able to fulfil this roll anymore, but his face would look nice on the bottle of Lonestar Memories. (http://images.allmoviephoto.com/2005_Brokeback_Mountain/2005_brokeback_mountain_004.jpg)

Incense Extreme - Al Pacino (http://www.italymob.com/uploads/posts/1175269249_alpacino_foto3.jpg ) or Keanu Reeves (http://i190.photobucket.com/albums/z90/seenitall666/keanu%20reeves/KeanuReeves6.jpg )

Incense Rosé – for example, Marion Cotillard (http://www.celebrities.pl/marion_cotillard/marion4.jpg )

Rêverie au Jardin - Catherine De Sève (http://catfou.com/wp-content/uploads/page2_photo.jpg )

Vetiver Dance – I can’t connect it to a certain person as in my imagination it should be an Indian warrior – someone like those (http://www.firstpeople.us/pictures/art/odd-sizes/pt/Young-Oglala-Sioux-846x1175.jpg) or (http://www.rozanehmagazine.com/NoveDec05/Pic20-indianTurk.gif )

I am very curious if there are also other suggestions.

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