Halloween Costumes: I want to be a perfumer!

Someone told me that it’s never too late to think about your next Halloween Costume. The more time you have before the Halloween – the longer you can anticipate about your shocking appearing… Well, it’s always nice to dream about. What costume should I choose? Personally I thought about being a perfumer, but is there a costume for? I couldn’t find any searching for the word “perfumer” at the http://www.costumecauldron.com. There was also nothing in their Miscellaneous section. See Biker Halloween costumes

But as a perfumer you should be creative and ready to improvise. So, let’s see if I can find anything suitable.

Perfumer #1. A modern perfumer wearing a lab coat. A couple of test tubes and a bunch of smelling strips in the pocket would complete this image. And the finishing touch - it might be sweet fruity smell of woody violets - the smell of methylionone that is the most common for perfumery labs.

Perfumer #2. Another option is Prince Charming. Actually anyone from the French Court could wear it - it might be Prince Charming, but it also might be a personal perfumer of Louis XVI of France. You can complete this one with a belt where little perfume vials can be attached and take a small retort in your hand. A perfume with smell of Frangipani would be a nice finishing touch (remember "The perfumer"?)

Perfumer #3. A funny perfumer presenting his own creation. The only thing you have to do is to put a label of your own product above the tequila. No accessories needed. Finishing touch? Well... something sweet and fruity?

Perfumer #4. Wow, personally I like this one a lot. It looks like devil, but if you take off the horns and don't use that much red for the face... Wait a minute - I even recognize a modern perfumer with the similar style. Accessories? No way! It should be in your eyes - the look of seducer who makes those tempting potions and bottles illusions to tempt and seduce.

Which one should I choose? And I am thinking - shall I use it not only as a Halloween Costume, but also as my routine uniform?

By the way - if you'd like to shop at the Costume Cauldron, then there is an Eastern Egg on their website. You get a discount code if you click on the brown comma. You find it in the text "Our Store now has over 10,000 masquerade items for you to choose from!" on the right side somewhere in the middle of the page.

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