The highlights of my vacation I

Part I: Aachen

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Image: Postwagen - a nice restaurant serving traditional German food

A very beautiful Cathedral – his chapel was built in times of Charles the Great and still remain a part of a Gothic Cathedral making an interesting contrast. His gargoyles are mysterious. His stained glass is amazing. His pearl mosaic on the ceiling is charming.

For lunch I’ve visited a very special restaurant with traditional German food (recommended by a friend). Sauerbraten (Rheinischer Sauerbraten mit Rosinen und Printengewürz mit
Kartoffelklöße und Rotkohl) was the sliced marinated and roasted meat served traditionally with stewed red cabbage and “potato eggs” (Kartoffelklöße) where “yolk” was made of a small dough ball and “egg white” from mashed potato. The menu gives also a suggestion for a less traditional side dish – chips and salad. The meat was delicious – soft and tender, slightly sour and gently spiced. Perfect combination with red cabbage and raisins - yummy. The Kartoffelklöße taste a bit strange for a novice – I’d prefer either chips or mashed potato. This German lunch was pretty heavy – can be a substitute for the main meal.

Markt 40
52062 Aachen, Germany

In Aachen I have also tried a special beer from Köln – it even has a special name – “kölsch”.

German pastry may be not refined, but very delicious. Mostly they are made with a real butter cream (and not from whipped cream as the most of Dutch cakes are made of). The oldest coffeehouse of Aachen has a very Dutch name – Leo van den Daele. Don’t be surprised – from the centre of Aachen you can walk to the Netherlands in an hour. Although the fine rice cakes are the specialty of the coffeehouse, I did choose a luxury chocolate Sachertorte.

Büchel 18-20
52062 Aachen, Germany

Going to Aachen I haven’t searched for any perfumery shop in hope to find one by chance. I found two of them (but there are definitely more). Goldkopf Parfümerie has mostly luxury line and also Serge Lutens, Etro, Annick Goutal etc. I’ve tried Vetiver by Etro there. A nice woody vetiver with a smoky undertone – it’s on my wishlist now. Another perfumery is Anne Gallwé beautystore specialised in niche perfumery. I did try a lot of staff there – Italian perfumery I am not good familiar with. Finally I left it with a sample of the salesassistant’s favourite – Chocolate Greedy by Montale to remind me about those delicious German cakes when I get home.

Goldkopf-Parfümerie Dr. Lennartz GmbH
Dahmengraben 19, Aachen

anne gallwé
fischmarkt 4
52062 aachen

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