The highlights of my vacation IV


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A center of the city is a Mecca for a perfumer appreciator. The biggest Douglas on Konigsallee, Beauty Affair and Chanel boutique on the Konigstrasse and Schnitzler perfumery in the Schadow Arcade all together have almost any perfume you wish.

Douglas has a lot of niche perfumery – Amouage, Chech&Speak, The Different Company, Etro and many others.
Schnitzler and Beauty Affairs are more specialized on niche perfumery and their assortments complete each other rather than compete.

In Schnitzler I finally found the green line of Commes de Garçons. Lily was really amazing representation of the fresh flower. Tea – a bit harsh – I couldn’t get it in just one time – the second approach is needed. Calamus – nicely green at first and quiet sweet marshy calamus later. After smelling a lot of perfumes I left the shop with samples of Bois 1920 – Sandal and Thé and Vetiver Ambrado. Both nice woody fragrances with twists. I do like warm sexy cumin note in Sandal. And Vetiver is very classic and silver cool.

In Douglas I took samples of Amouage Jubilation XXV – sweet wood as I know it from a forest aroma. Just a few days before I was walking in the forest wondering where the sweetness comes from – the sweetness always accompanying woody tones in a needle trees forest. And now I just met the similar fragrance in perfume.
Another one was a sample of Etro Vetiver that was still in my mind.
A really surprising was the visit to the Beauty Affair (here comes a separate entry).

In Chanel I met a real bitch. Arrogant Queen with a false smile. If being bitch was a job she was a millionaire. While sniffing almost all of the Exclusive line assortment I could hear her telling to a colleague that in fact no one can smell more than three fragrances in a raw… This time I was attracted by fragrances with an obvious iris note – N 18, 28 and 31. Of course there were no samples as the bitch told me. Anyway – I shall find decants of those iris scents to study them later.

Between the shops mentioned I haven’t found any having Tundra in their assortment. But it is definitely to be found in Parfumerie Nagelschmitz; Dominikaner str.2 – 0049(0211)552079. But I haven’t visited it.

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