The essence of the day

When you have a lot of fragrances to choose, it can be difficult. What shall I wear today? Mostly I try to look at my emotional needs, my mood and the wear trying to understand - what do I need today? What fragrance can fulfill that? Very often your fragrance becomes your essence of the day.

So, today I was looking at the cold, gray and wet morning. It's almost end of the spring, but we haven't seen much warm sunny days this year. It looks like the automn is very early this year. Will the summer come? Dwelling on those sag thought I saw the parrots on the tree. Yes, there are parrots in Amsterdam. People tend to think that those are fugitives escaped from the local zoo. Other theories confirm it, but underline the fact that it's happened many years ago and those parrots are having a colony here. But some wise people say that parrots came here long time ago - before the zoo. It was so long that you can call parrots native to the fauna of Netherlands.

Anyway what a pittance was it to observe those wet unhappy tropical birds under the cold rain! And it was funny as well. So, it made me laugh. If I look to those parrots, especially to those mean expressions... well I tend to think that there is might be lack of abusive terms in a birds language, but definitely plenty of swear thoughts - you can just see it.

This image becomes my essence of the day - keep smiling even if it's cold and wet. And what do I need? Yes, something warm and consoling. Like... chocolate! Yes, let it be Borneo 1834 by Serge Lutens today. A nice bitter piece of chocolate made of Pathouli with some spicy, woody and smoky nuances. This is a ship that takes you to an exotic warm island where parrots are happy!

And here are some pictures. Look at those mean expressions!

And this is an essence of being lonely I guess...

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hotlanta linda zei

poor feathered friends! Our fledge-ling robins are getting flying lessons - they are the sweetest! I see them at dawn when mama feeds them - always HUNGRY! I know what you mean as far a a scented NEED - sometimes mine are the opposite of the season - white florals in Winter, and Orientals in Summer - go figure! :-)

Carol zei

oh what beautiful birds!

AromaX zei

Hotlanta Linda - well, I guess they are not as poor as they seem to be here - they are really funny and playful guys :o)
Oh, the holy process of choosing the scent... very illogical :o)

AromaX zei

Bloody Frida.
Thank you!

hotlanta linda zei

Hey!! Checking in to congratulate you on being one of the 50 earlybirds in the Vamp-y contest at Grain de Musc!! Tuberose is a deep-seated fave - remember original Chloe?? SIGH...(I not only have every bottle size & strength I could grab, but ditto for the peach satin items) I think if you did a big tuberose/hyacinth /iris scent, you`d be very rich, very fast, for MANY souls miss this style of scent! peace!!

Katy Josephine zei

The birds are beautiful - and they do look a bit pissed off! Your mention of Borneo warmed my heart. It is indeed a masterpiece!

AromaX zei

Another Patcouli fan, Josephine? It's really amazing how it is turned into chocolate and smoke in Borneo.