Snowdrops and birds

At Andy’s blog I promissed to hotlanta linda to place a picture of the snowdrops to ensure her that the spring has already begun. So, it’s snowdrops time! Those nice little guys are found around my temporary vacation house on the Dutch island Texel. Each year I come here for vacation in the end of winter and beginning of spring. A pretty crowd island is full of tourists in the summer, but now you can enjoy nature, rest and life in a slow motion.

Here they are – the snowdrops for hotlanta linda. Unfortunately those doesn’t smell. But I found that Calèche by Hermès could be really a matching smell for those flowers.

And here is a piece of quiet nature. It’s pretty unique as for every island combining country side, forest, dunes and seaside.

Every morning I wake up from the chirping of two small birds behind a kitchen window. They come to enjoy their everyday meal. Funny to see how their exacting glance behind the window. They are pretty tame and I could feed them from my hand. It’s always nice to experience such a trust.

On see I found another funny birds – very busy guys were running after a sea wave trying to catch small animals disappearing in the sand. A second later the birds were running from the coming wave. And so the whole time – to and fro. Really funny busy guys.

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Thanks, Andy!
Love snowdrops on your blog as well :o)

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