Flying flowers...

Yesterday I was at Artis (zoo in Amsterdam) and visited a Butterflies Garden. A place full of bright colors flying around you. And fragrant tropical flowers and fruits as well - a true paradise for everyone who appreciates fragrances and colors. But the butterflies themselves - they don't smell. So, I think it would be a good idea to tease the imagination and try to see if butterflies recall any fragrant associations.

This one could smell like a modern marine-"watermelon" accord started by L'eau d'Issey or an older aldehydic perfume - like Rive Gauche, White Linnen.

Actually, it's the same one, but from the "side view". But a completely different smell. Woody oriental with smell of patchouli, sandalwood and resins like benzoin. And of course, an amber accord.

A difficult one. This contrasts between yellow and black recalls the contrast between bergamot and oakmoss in chypres. Well, let it be just chypre in general. But it could be a contrast between jasmine and leather in Knize Ten, for example.

This one is defenitely a vintage fruity chypre like Mitsouko or Madame Rochas.

This one is a floral aromatic of Camomile or Tagets. Can be Aromatics Elixer as well.

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Andy zei

Love the idea. You might make a papillon perfume!

AromaX zei

Thanks, Andy! A papillon perfume idea is already in my head. Nice marketing fairy tale story about rare fragrant butterflies and modern technologies to captures their smell without hurting the butterflies... and how this captured fragrance is turned into a perfume :o)

By the way - I have the same test in my Russian blog - there is at least one link to your perfume. The second picture was linked to L'Air du Desert Marocain. And I agree!