What does leather do to you?

Well, after a rose I am on a leather wave. Not for nothing.

First of all I was reminded by Andy about a very nice classic leather - Knize Ten. This perfume was often too much to me with its powerful leather with a good pinch of something like "cumin". But now it's tamed on my skin and opened all its beauty.

The second is that I've got some nice aromachemicals - Castoreum base and Safraleine molecule from Givaudan. Wow! I do really like the soft leathery or even suede-like smell of Safraleine. It's much softer and finer than rude shoe leather of isobutilquinoline. Castoreum gives it a nice animal character. I even blended those notes with one of variety of my rose accord and made a sketch of Rose in Leather perfume...

Well, later I hope to review Knize Ten and describe the aromachemicals I've got. And now a question to you all from a funny commercial:

What does leather do to you?

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Anoniem zei

Love the commercial!
Leather usually makes my heart sing and quite often I end up sniffing single scents (birchtar, Styrax pyro.....) A difficult note to work with , though.

AromaX zei

It's a nice commercial indeed - I always like this kind of humor with a touch of irony and a pinch of being pert.
Comme une Cabochard :o)

Well, how many variations of leather did you make? Sounds like an eternal source of inspiration for you :o)