Kiki by Vero Kern - Parisian Lavender Delight

Image is from the Daily Unadventures in Cooking blog where you can also find a recipe of this delicious lavender chocolate cake.

Russian version - click here

Website of Vero Kern - click here

The idea of Kiki is simple – it’s all about sweet lavender or "lavender delight" … Lavender, caramel and musk with a touch of tropic fruits are the constituents of the Kiki as I read on the website of Vero. And thoese are also exactly the notes my nose can smell there. Except may be a touch of grapefruit fresh bitterness on the top, but I am not very sure about this. And I am also not sure about the tropical fruits – my nose being distracted by the sweetness of musk and caramel refuses to recognize any. But the simplicity of Kiki is based on a genial construction.

First the lavender itself. It has two faces combining the sweet floral notes with salty (and I mean it literally as salty taste) camphareous herbal ones. How could Vero separate them emphasizing the sweet floral quality and soothing the sharp herbal notes? I don’t know how, but it’s really amazing. Although I do suspect a use of Lavender absolute for this purpose. I haven’t smell it yet, but reading about this material gave me impressions that it possesses the qualities to turn lavender into a sweet flower.

Another amazing quality of Kiki is its emotional influence. The calming properties on lavender are well known in aromatherapy. But I have never met a perfume (at least I guess Kiki not to be a botanical or naturals only perfume) with such a strong influence on my emotions. It possesses not only the calming quality… it brings me into a nonchalant mood and reminds me to take life easy and to enjoy… It brings more playfulness into my attitude about life…

Kiki brings me into a lazy weekend summer afternoon when it’s so nice to sit somewhere outside with a cup of tee and an exotic delight like a lavender ice-cream or lavender cake with sweet caramel syrup… It may take place in a garden by a big villa or in a sidewalk Parisian café. Kiki is a moment for yourself, an island of peace and pleasure you create around you wherever you are… It also reminds me a movie about Marie Antoinette – Kiki is like a Petit Trianon where Marie Antoinette could escape her royal responsibilities…

And here is a small preview of Marie Antoinette in Petit Trianon:

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TheFragrantElf zei

Oh my goodness, Kiki sounds amazing. Gorgeous in it's simplicity. I hope to try it one day.

Anoniem zei

I love it, too! There is this gourmand quality, juxtapositioning the clear lavender flowers with croissants that I find so original. And then there is this quality of being simple in all its complexity. It is a wonderful fragrance built with and around lavender,and then there is the musk...
love it. Did I say so already? Love it!

TheFragrantElf zei

Oh no, now I want to try it even more!

AromaX zei

Dear fragrant Elf,
Kiki doesn't only SOUNDS amazing - it IS amazing, really ;-)

Dear Andy,
I think it's an example of simplicity that Jean Carles would call an Art of Perfumery ;-) Fascinating!
I haven't got a croissant yet. But I'll be searching for it ;-)
And... I see Kiki also green... juicy fresh green...