Another interesting perfume blog...

Russian version - http://aromax.livejournal.com/15442.html

Recently I discovered a new perfumery blog by a perfumery student. Alex is an American who is studying perfumery in the heart of the fragrant kitchen (which is known to be full of mysteries) - the city of Grasse. In his blog he shares some of events from the life of a perfumery student. He also discusses some actual problems and dilemma's of modern perfumery. So far I read each of his entry and find it really interesting, informative and motivating.

Here is the link: http://jaimeleparfum.wordpress.com/

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TheFragrantElf zei

Oh fantastic! Thank you for the link!

AromaX zei

Dear Fragrant Elf,

I hope that you enjoy reading the blog of Alex.

Anoniem zei

Thank you very much for the link. Hmm.... I just read his post on carrot oil. ;-)

AromaX zei

I like this blog because Alex seem not just to follow a routine of studying, but rather exploring of adventure of discovering of perfumery. He thinks, asks questions, tries to find and shares... I do enjoy ;-)

What funny thoughts raises the carrot oil in you? ;-)