Coffee tincture: happy blending and wise lessons

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Sometimes get en urge just to blend things following only a vague idea in my head. Than I don’t work this idea out or make a formula. This Sunday I had finally opened my coffee tincture that a made a couple of weeks before. It smelled lovely – a combination of burned notes, coffee and less pleasant, but not very prominent “sour” note (I know it from a coffee aftertaste in the mouth). The vague idea was to make a delicious kitchen scent.

Well from about 30 ml of coffee tincture I made 100 ml spray (alcohol/water/emulgator). The oils I use were – a couple of drops of Cinnamon, Clove, Vanilla (tincture), Ginger and a couple of dozen drops of Orange-Mandarine-Grapefruit mixture. From synthetics – two drops of Dairy Fleuressence from the PerfumersWorld (a mixture of lactones with butter and milk smell).

Guys, it became a really delicious kitchen spray – it smells spiced cookies like the one you bake for the Xmas (or St. Nicolas so popular in Netherlands) ;-) Coffee (I think with vanilla) gave it the necessary “something baked” smell and Dairy Fleuressence a drop of butter (“used in cookies”).

What perfume wisdom can I draw from this situation? Well – happy blending is fun, BUT – if I had measured the amount of coffee and alcohol as well as written down the amount of essential oils added I could get a formula and work it out. So, MEASURE and WRITE DOWN and later you’ll be able reproduce and improve. That’s the lesson I take when I go to make my second coffee tincture. And now I just enjoy the delicious cookies smell – so suitable for the becoming darker evenings ;-)

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Anoniem zei

oh yes: Always, always write down your ideas and inspirations ;-) I have gone through perfumer hell myself, in desperate search of notes I made on little papers...
By the way: There is a lovely Coffee absolute from Essencia and I strongly recommend adding a touch pyrazines
I am getting hungry

AromaX zei

Well - the lesson is learned. But next time when a similar urge comes the chance will still remain to make another "Nameless masterpiece" without a formula ;-)I'll call it "intuitive blending in deep meditation" ;-)

Essencia - do they sell in small quantities to individuals? Otherwise I have to check at German Omikron...

Pyrazines? Thanks for the tip for my next coffee tincture.

Anoniem zei

Essencia sells to individuals, but they are somewhat reluctant to do so to non-Switzerland orders.
There is also a limit to how small orders are....maybe you just want to mail them and ask?

AromaX zei

Thanks for your answer. Well - I am not that big yet I think. But shall remember Essentia for my future ambitions. ;-) I think that Omikron fits more tp my "size" for now ;-)

alfachemistry zei

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