Burberry. Brit for men.

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Yesterday I’ve got a miniature of this fragrance. I didn’t use any Burberry fragrance before, so it what nice to give it a try. Well, this fragrance surprised me with a simplicity, timidity and elegance. It begins with a fresh citrus note – not as sour as lemon and not as sweet as mandarin – green mandarin, that Burberry uses to describe the fragrance. It’s warmed and sweetened a little bit with spice (Ginger and Cardamom). The freshness and coolness of a top note alternates with a warm and woody heart (Cedar, Nutmeg and Wild Rose). It’s like walking in a city on a cloudy day late in the morning during springtime. It’s not cold, but at one moment you get a fresh breath of wind and another time you see the sun shining through the clouds. It’s not crowdie and there is no hurry. The colours are black and white and sepia – the same colours those are used for a box.

The ingredients of Brit are simple and common for an eau de cologne (woody base, spicy flowery heart and fresh citrus top). In contrary to cologne those ingredients are lifted up to a level of elegancy in Brit. It’s not strong and long lasting, but just a finishing touch of a groomed men who doesn’t like to be noticed by his perfume. The fragrance remains very close to the skin giving a slight oriental woody aura. It’s rather intimate than sexy. Easy to overuse because of its reserved character.

When I read other comments on this fragrance I see it’s compared to Burberry London men, Armani Code and Gucci Envy men. Well – can’t say anything about it yet, but will go to a perfumery soon to try those scents too.

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