Carnal Flower, Frederic Malle

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Tuberose – I like the rich, sweet, a little bit creamy and definitely intoxicating smell of this flower. So, it’s no wonder I wanted to try Carnal Flower as soon as I found it’s based on the tuberose scent.

Although I was shock after I put this perfume onto my skin. Instead of expected creamy and intoxicating sweetness I smelled a slightly bitter green notes of leaves and grass. Fortunately it was just a veil covering the heart of the fragrance.

The hart revealed a soft, velvety tender tuberose that was getting stronger with every minute loosing the green notes and acquiring its richness and sweetness. A combination of a tuberose heart and green opening reminds me of gardenia flower. In fact I smell something like a Tuberose-Gardenia bouquet. No wonder, because those flowers are olfactory similar.

The longer it remains on my skin the stronger it becomes. Remaining soft it becomes overwhelming and acquires this creamy sweetness I like in tuberose so much. Orange-blossom warms the whole composition up and jasmine makes it charmingly intoxicating and even seducing. More creamy notes come at the end revealing the coconut note. This is the most difficult part of this perfume. Depending on skin it may either give extra richness and creaminess supporting the tuberose or make the whole composition smell just like coconut that overpowers the rest.

Carnal Flower is a soliflor linear fragrance. That means it represents the fragrance of a single flower remained unchanged in time. But it’s not quite unchangeable. You can really follow the flower that is unfolding on the skin like a real flower. Green in the beginning when it was just a bud it becomes soft velvety sweet at the opening. It becomes more sweet, rich, heavy narcotic, a bit fruity and creamy in its full glory. And than it decays getting too sweet and almost buttery creamy. This perfume follows nicely the stages of a real flower.

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